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What is Borani Global Education?

  • Borani Global Education is a not-for-profit Association dedicated to the principle of “education for all”!
  • Borani Global Education believes that, through “education”, society can arrive at collective prosperity and mankind can reach a state of unbiased tolerance.
  • Borani Global Education aspires in its endeavours to ensure that discrimination would not stand in the way of individuals’ attainment of higher education.
  • Borani Global Education strives to give the gift of education (through accredited online programmes) to as many youth in the world as possible who are deprived of university studies because of their political views, religious affiliation, gender discrimination, social standing or economical adversity.
  • Borani Global Education believes that the present day technological advancements are meant to help humanity further its noble aims and aspirations, and that the available online solutions are effective means by which those who thirst after knowledge can attain their dreams of higher education despite the discriminating factors that stand in the way of many to enrol into local universities.
  • Borani Global Education is recognized and supported by many academics worldwide who have expressed their interest, admiration and appreciation in various manners.
On 14 December 1960, in an attempt to combat segregation and discrimination in education UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) adopted the Convention against Discrimination, which was entered into force in 1962. The very first paragraph in the introduction of this Covenant states:

UNESCO has the constitutional mission of instituting collaboration against nations to "advance the ideal of equality of educational opportunities without regard to race, sex, or any distinctions, economical or social" ... Like UNESCO's Constitution, the Convention prohibits discrimination in education based on race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origins, economic condition or birth.