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Borani Global Education Association operates on the policy that 100% of all donations are expended towards the educational needs of qualified applicants as per the objectives of the Association to provide financial assistance to those who have been deprived of higher education due to a violation of human rights or a lack of funds. This policy has been reflected in all documents of the Association since its inception. The Association is able to give 100% of all donations towards it objectives because all other expenditures such as administrative costs, staffing needs, legal fees, accounting fees and miscellaneous expenses are entirely covered by the Association’s founder.

Borani Global Education will continue to honour its commitment to this policy.

Borani Global Education adheres to non-profit accountability and transparency, and donors can trace all their donations.

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    Borani Global accepts payments by check or credit card only. You authorize Borani Global to charge your credit card for all amounts selected on the donation page.
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    All donations become final and are considered non-refundable once a tax-exempt receipt is issued for any such donation.
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    Tax-exempt receipts are issued automatically, immediately after an online donation is processed.

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    Notices (including questions, complaints, or legal notices) by the users may be given by electronic messages or conventional mail, as follows:

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    (ii) Mail and courier deliveries must be sent to:

    Borani Global Education Association
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On 14 December 1960, in an attempt to combat segregation and discrimination in education UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) adopted the Convention against Discrimination, which was entered into force in 1962. The very first paragraph in the introduction of this Covenant states:

UNESCO has the constitutional mission of instituting collaboration against nations to "advance the ideal of equality of educational opportunities without regard to race, sex, or any distinctions, economical or social" ... Like UNESCO's Constitution, the Convention prohibits discrimination in education based on race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origins, economic condition or birth.